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  • Environmental Toxins . . .
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  • We are Change Agents for cities, farms, and families that are plagued with illnesses caused by air and radiation toxins in the environments. Because of this problem, America is under a NATIONAL ADVISORY ALERT by many Federal Agencies. In  some communities, everyone on the "Street" has cancer or asthma, diabetes, seizures and other diseases.
  • We believe environmental diseases CAN BE eradicated and health regained! We are working to find ways to build capacity for reducing exposure to indoor toxins and creating healthy indoors.  We support initiatives of the:
  • :: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • ::   Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • and
  • ::   The Office of the Surgeon General

 CALL TO ACTION to Promote Healthy Homes  (2009)

The Office of the Surgeon General documents the epidemic of illnesses from TOXIC HOMES and buildings. Get the BOOK and read it for yourself:

This REPORT is also resourceful:


Ask yourself these questions... Is your house KILLING you? What can you do to help yourself?

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Do you have a toxic home? If so, HAVE you found a solution?  Tell us about it below or your TESTIMONY from living in an ECO 180 Healthy SMART Home? 




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Get your MEDICAL Doctor involved. . .

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HOPE powers us!. . .

The MiChi Health EpiCenter | MiChi University emerged out of the HOPE of a Registered Nurse who unknowingly purchased a home that was very toxic.   She developed breast cancer and a stroke.  Her son developed a brain injury. With the support of other healthcare professionals and engineers, she discovered that her region was under an EPA ALERT for a high level of toxins that could cause cancer and brain injury.  She began to research  to try to find solutions.  She engaged the CALL of the Office of the Surgeon General to become a “Change Agent” for researching answers and developing evidence based solutions to make  indoor home and work spaces safer.

This Nurse, Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale donated her home be studied by scientists and engineers  for solutions after a doctor diagnosed her with radiation toxicity. (Her home below)



While in Toronto, Canada, she met a doctor from Russia told her that she was symptomatic for radiation toxicity.  The doctor ask her if she had ants in her home and she replied, Yes!  Hundreds of them.


The doctor then told her that ants will infest homes that are HIGHLY irradiating with “static electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation” in electrical currents. High electrical radiation could be the source of her symptoms and cause her to develop cancer, heart & lung, as well as diabetes and nerve-muscle disorders. She recommended that she contact an Engineer immediately to check her home.

When the Engineers came, they confirmed that the home indeed had HIGH levels of electromagnetic interference. It took almost 6 months, but they were able to remediate it to reduce the levels. Dr. Alale was astounded at the rapid improvement in her condition and the health of her family. Her hair stylist inspired her to share her story and help others. She spent 6 years traveling throughout the USA, Canada, Germany and England to learn about methods and technologies to lower indoor toxins.  She took that knowledge and began to share it with others and assist families and farmers in doing "self- studies" of their homes and farms to reduce toxin exposures. Then she traveled across America and Canada to live with families and help them study the environmental problems in their homes for solutions too for 6 years.

Today, she continues to dedicated her life to helping others find solutions for their “toxic home” | “toxic building” problems and a new care model in home healthcare.  She is a Distinguished Women in Environmental Health and is the recipient of numerous AWARDS from the White House including Outstanding American Philanthropist, Outstanding Adoptive Parent, A Congressional Merit award, a Presidential Commissioner Award.  She is also a recipient of an INPEX Gold Medal for developing a NANO TECHNOLOGY for electrical safety.

Her team of volunteer professionals has successfully directed the FIRST Medical-ECO Engineering "ECO 180 Healthy SMART Home Model."The Model guides physicians inprescriptiv management of environmental adaptation for patient and animal health. This MODEL educates consumers in the process of reducing sustained exposure to indoor air & radiation toxins. The Curriculum for this Model is a collaboration of medical doctors, nurses, engineers and consumers.  The NANO Technologies used in home and barn remediation training have been tested and certified to reduce toxins and save energy costs.

This Model  empowers consumers to engage  research for "self-study" of the toxins in their homes for both their health and the health of their pet also.

Through the international network of engineering and  construction service companies, MiChi been successful in supporting the implementation of the "ECO 180 Healthy SMART Home Model" in farms, barns, homes, luxury apartments, schools, clinics, offices, recording studios, baseball schools, and Houses of Worship. It  has also saved consumers an average of 10 - 25% on their electric bills.  Consumers report relief from migraine headaches, tremors, seizures, insomnia, asthma, infertility, blindness, depression, rapid heart rate and more after their homes were transformed to reduce exposure to toxins.

The MiChi Health EpiCenter | MiChi University accepts partnerships with universities and college for nursing students who are defending Master Degrees in Environmental Health or Public Health.   Call (800) 615 - 0456, ext  102 for further information.

COWS LOVE Healthy Barns too!






The "ECO 180 Healthy SMART Barn Model" has been very beneficial for animals, especially dairy cows.  It directs reduction of  "stray voltage" in the barn so the cows have more contentment, higher levels of energy and produce more milk.  Over 1700 dairy cows live in ECO 180 Healthy SMART Barns in the US and Canada.  House pets love these NANO Technologies too, especially those with hypersensitivities.

Yes, we offer classes in  NANO Technology applications  for robots and robotic farm equipment. This course includes TESTING SIMULATION to pre-test NANO TECHNOLOGIES before they are installed in barns, homes and commercial buildings for our partners and the consumers that they serve.

We are a Vision of Hope, Powered by People Who  REALLY CARE and Aspire in  Excellence to educate and empower you.



In APRIL 2015,  the US CONGRESS  National Environmental Education Foundation will launch their "Teach - In"  for grades Pre-K - 12th grade on Environmental Health and Safety. 








 Our Apprentices are among the FIRST in the world to investigative NANO systems for evaluating "energy loss, energy gain" from exposure to EMF (electro-magnetic frequency) radiation in cell phones and other electronics.

We Inspire CHANGE!


Celebrating 8 Years. . . Conducting Investigative Research and Education for

Healthy Environments



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Is your CELL PHONE Making you sick?

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MORE Testimonials. . .

She is Talking! 12 y.o. Morgan Miraculously Starts Talking after her home is converted to a Healthy SMART Home using award winning Nanotechnologies.

SHARE Her MIRACLE. Read her Testimony.

Click Below To Watch her Video.

She is Talking!  12 y.o. Morgan Miraculously Starts 

Talking after her home is converted to a 
Healthy SMART Home using award winning Nanotechnologies.  
Share her MIRACLE. Read her testimony.  Watch her Video. Click below


University of Cincinnati Partners with Cincinnati Children's Hospital for Breast and Environmental Research Project: Growing Up Female Project




We can assist your doctor in prescribing a (Rx) plan for your environmental adaptation to manage illnesses which may be caused by environmental toxins.


Please Call  800-615-0456 ext. 102


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We are raising 5 million dollars to fund clinical trials to investigate the use of our NANO Technologies in:

1) Seizure Management

2) Diabetic Blindness Prevention 

3) Parkinson's Disease Management

4) Asthma Management

5) Chronic Wounds

6) Mastitis Prevention in Cows

READ the "miraculous testimonies" from children, adults, and animals that wear our "NANOS" (NANO Technology) body energy square and electrical safety device.

Please contact 800 615 0456, ext 106.



CASE SELF-STUDY - Cincinnati Mother discovers that NANOS (an electrical safety device for cell phones) would stop daughter's Seizures instantly. Their CASE STUDY and the "Morgan's  Protocol" was presented to doctors at The Cleveland Clinic to help appeal for clinical trials to help other children.










A Doctor from Las Vegas, NV heard of Morgan's success with seizure management with NANOS and introduced them to a family in Las Vegas.  The NANOS was put in a necklace and placed around their daughter while she was in  the hospital's ICU.  Instantly, her seizures stopped. Please meet Miss "Seizu

re Free"  Hailee!




CASE SELF-STUDY #3 - OHIO Realtor, "Butch" discovers NANOS would stop 11 years of tremors in his hands within 5 minutes by wearing them in his shoes.  It was the miracle that he prayed for because he had lost his ability to write for 3 months. His doctor was totally astounded.  Write On, Butch!




CASE SELF-STUDY #4 - Registered Nurse, Lenette, develops cancerous Black Mastitis and breast tumors. She suffered great PAIN in her affected breast. She discovered that her cell phone radiation harmonizer, NANOS, would stop PAIN instantly. To her surprise, the Black Mastitis that she suffered for 8 months healed in 3.5 weeks. Although she had her tumors removed, she DID NOT have to have her breast removed.


NANOS "Flat Battery Bioharmonizers" are electrical safety devices that reduce the harmful effects of EMF radiation in electronics, especially cell phones. 



They are NOT intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent diseases.



The above iREPORTS are self-studies that were done independently by clients and submitted to The MiChi Health EpiCenter for review.





New Ways to reduce injuries from Keyboards are HERE!




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"Detox Your House".  We appreciate your support, FRAN!. Join our national efforts to SAVE lives by reducing indoor air & radiation toxins. We have TEAMED UP with Cancer Schmancer...


Thank you HOLIDAY INN.  For seven years, Holiday Inn supported Dr. Alale's eco-research  to study "sick building syndrome" in the hospitality industry and  develop technologies to decrease electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation toxins in indoor environments and reduce energy costs on electrical bills by 10%.

MICHI HEALTH SALUTES USA TODAY. In a candid interview with, internationally renowned Journalist, Blake Morrison, Presidential Commissioner, Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale congratulates him for the OUTST

ANDING COVERAGE of  "Toxic Air in 127,000 American Schools."  High levels of chemicals, gases, and radiation, in some schools, are exposing children

 to agents that can cause cancer, transgender development, hyperactivity, depression, violence, autism, and more. Jared's Law is fighting to mitigate schools for this reason. CLICK ON News Links above to read related articles. . .



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Parish Nurses in Ohio Launch ECO 180 HEALTH SMART SANCTUARY CAMPAIGN (TM).

"Pulpit Safety IS A MUST"  

Pastors getting sick and havng heart attacks and strokes in the Pulpit has become of GREAT concern to many parishioners and health care providers. It is a MUST to check electrical radiation levels in mics and other electrical devices that support worship activities.