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MICHI HEALTH SALUTES THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA,  Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert ( US Navy ) and Admial John C. Harvey, Jr., the New US Navy Commander  ot the US Fleet Forces for leadership by developing  Naval Protocols for  Green Safety and Mitigation which include, HERO, HERP, and HERF.  These protocols will  to monitor, mitigate, and lower EMF radiation exposure to military personnel on  Naval ships and at fuel and work stations.  The National Petition 101 | Mitigate America is to help PUSH these same standards across America.  Sign it below. 


The Enivronmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns of the indoor air quality of homes, offices, and schools is TOO toxic with air and radiation pollutants.  Help to stop the masses from autism, cancer, heart and lung disease. CLICK, READ, AND SIGN THE PETITION HERE.  Thank you . . . (:- ),  Dr. "A".  

World Renowned Journalist, Dr. Barbara Reynolds interviews Dr. Alale on The Point...

One of the founding editors of USA TODAY, now the Executive Producer and Host of THE POINT TV SHOW interviews Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale for nationally syndicated TV show.  Dr. Reynolds visited the MiChi Health EpiCenter at the satelite center in Dayton, OH during her tenure as a Visiting Professor at Central State University.  She was astound at the work of the MiChi Medical Team and their dedication to environmental medicine and consumer health. On the eve of the White House Press Conference, August 4, President Obama's birthday, to launch the national GREEN THE  BLOCK COALITION AND MOVEMENT, which the EpiCenter is a part of, she interviews Dr. Alale to gain insight for strategies on HOW communities can safe guard their homes, schools, churches, and business by monitoring environmental toxins.  Dr. Reynolds is seat front and in the middle of her team.


USA Today Newspaper, a National Leader in Environmental Health News. . .

The New York Times. . ."Ohio a Mini-Hiroshima ". . .

On the eve of Al Gore's movie, "The Inconvenient Truth," which alerted Ohioans to the convergence of greenhouse gas with enivronmental toxins in the Great Lake States,  a twenty year old article, written by Astronaut and Former Senator John Glenn,  resurfaces to help explain WHY? so many schools, homes, and offices are toxic in Ohio.  The state (80%) irradiates with the highest levels of ionizing radiation or RADON, from decaying uranium which was buried all over the state and in Lake Erie, POST WWII.  It is now resurfacing and binding to industrial acids.  Governor Ted Strickland (OH) issued a Public Advisory (Press Release - September 02, 2008), that students and employees could suffer heart and lung failure. The MiChi Health EpiCenter was born, without funding, to develop emergency interventions and mitigation strategies for ALL HOMES, SCHOOLS, PUBLIC BUILDINGS and OFFICES in the state to save millions of lives and trillions of dollars in healthcare costs.  Too many children are now suffering with Non - Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer in the State as well as heart and lung disease.  The EpiCenter is located in one of the greatest areas of need.  Give to our efforts of public screening for persons sickened by these environmental toxins.  Click here to READ this article at the New York Times in NYC. . .

The World Health Organization (Germany) Renders Two New Medical Diagnostic

These ICD 10 CODES for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity [EHS] and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity [MCS]   will  Lead the Vision for Clinical Management of Persons Suffering from these Diseases, Globally. . .

California Public Health Department (CPHD) Now Requires ALL HOTELS to Post Environmental Toxins Warning Signs. The MiChi Health EpiCenter Pushes for Mitigation of Hotels Nationwide to Prevent Diseases and Injury to the Unborn.

On the eve of the World Health Organization issuing two new diagnoses for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity [EHS] and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity [MCS] and thirty-six Governors and Mayors proclaiming MAY as the EHS & MCS Awareness Month, The MiChi Health EpiCenter applauds the GREENCARE campaign of the CPHD to direct all hotels to post this Public Advisory Sign.  See their sign below.  WHY? leave the valuable HOSPITALITY Industry vulnerable to public injury when costs effective technologies and strategies are available to help them maintain public safety and MITIGATE greenhouse gases, industrial chemials and radiation from hotel facilities, just like the US Navy does.  Too many employee have to endure sustained risks of injury working in these hotels everyday. SIGN THE NATIONAL PETITION 101 above to help us help them!  If you are a hotel manager or owner, please call us for a FREE Consultation with our bio-engineering team.

OSHA Mandates Protective Gear for Employees who work with Electrical Devices

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) revised REGULATION 1910.132 and 1910.333 (a).  OSHA has rendered over 12 million dollars in FINES for non-compliance :



"General." Safety-related work practices shall be employed to prevent electric shock or other injuries resulting from either direct or indirect electrical contacts, when work is performed near or on equipment or circuits which are or may be energized. The specific safety-related work practices shall be consistent with the nature and extent of the associated electrical hazards.


As seen on the TODAY Show and FoxNews31, ( = watch videos 1 & 2)  medical science documents that working within 3 feet of an electrical device can cause oxygen and minerals to disassociate in the blood and tissue, clumped cells and increased mucous, fungus and bacteria.  This can cause autism, Alzheimer’s, and other brain injuries, cancer, heart failure, sleep apnea, stomach disorders and other diseases. Employers who fail to comply will be FINED.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the medical community in the USA are shifting to develop protocols for environmental medicine training for patient care management for staff and clients. Employers may face a barage of employees with doctors notes to request protective gear to shield their exposure to non-ionizing radiation from energized machinery such as computers, laptops, copies machines, telephones, cell phones, etc. which this OSHA ruling makes provisions for. Thirty six Governors and Mayors across America proclaimed MAY 2011 as Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity month. Bill 117, in the Ohio Legislation, proposes to make this an annual event because of the serious environmental health crisis in the state.

PEOPLE'S Magazine,

April 13, 2009 ( page 82), posts a CLASS ACTION SUIT NOTIFICATION against all Manufacturers of "Bluetooth" technologies. Owners of these technologies are encourage to contact interested parties. Employers may advise their employees of such civil intent also

C.O.G.IC. Bishops Invite The MiChi Health EpiCenter. . .

C.O.G.I.C. Bishops Invite The MiChi Health EpiCenter  to the Bishop's College and the 100th Convocation of the Churches of God in Christ, under the Leadership of Bishop Charles Blake, for a  "Wellness Campaign" in Cleveland, OH and Memphis, TN. United Nations Missionary, Elder David Clark says, "The Church must engage the Environmental Wellness Movement for the Health of the 6.5 million Saints in C.O.G.I.C. around the world." . . .Click to READ MORE. 

Presiding Bishop Delano J. Ellis Gets Surprized with a "MiChi Pamper Party" from His Staff. . .

He Invites the MiChi Team to Joint College of Bishop's  Conference at the Intercontinental Hotel | Cleveland Clinic for a "Wellness Screening Campaign" for Bishops from Around the World.

Living Word Church Invites Dr. Alale to Speak About Environmental Toxins to the Survivor's Ministry . . .

Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, PhD, DHP, RN shared her hearlding near death story of living in a home that was converging with radiation.  She demonstrated home testing and safety.  She also shared how high radiation levels in Ohio were contributing to epidemics of cancer, heart and lung diseases and invited the Ministry to provide an outreach of health screening. Many in the group were cancer survivors and lived in the high radiation affected areas of Ohio. Dr. Pat Murray and his wife, Jackie, (photo below) are the Senior Pastors at the church.

House of Help | City of Hope Becomes America's First Greencare City Church and Community to Support the EPA C.A.R.E. Initiative under the MiChi Epicenter's Directive.

"I was at the Joint College of  Bishop's Conference with Bishop Delano Ellis at the Intercontinental Hotel | Cleveland Clinic.  I saw a man who had suffered tremors from Parkinson's disease for 11 years  STOP TREMBLING in front of my eyes during his iKinesio Hand Spa.  I was  having one too and was seated next to him.  I was just as astounded as he was.  Everybody began to worship God.  Dr. Rhoda Alale explained that many clients with Parkinson's get immediate relief from trembling with the MiChi iKinesio Deep Cleansing SpaTechnologies.  I too felt so energized after the Spa that I immediately made plans to fly  the MiChi Team  to Washington, DC to provide Health Physics Services for my church, our residential facilities, offices, Charter School, computers | laptops, etc.  They provided a 'Wellness Screening Campaign and Spa Services' too for the saints.  I think almost everybody in the church enjoyed a Hand Spa.  Her wisdom and skill, as a type of 'Nurse' house doctor, a health physicist, discovered faulty electrical wiring and high levels of static EMF in my new home that the home inspector missed and referred me to an electrician. I was blessed that the electrician was a family member who confrimed that she was correct and he advised that the house needed to be rewired.  She also made recommendations for rearrangement of electronics in my pulpit and tested me for a Bio-Shield to minimize my exposure to EMF radiation to prevent disease.   I pledged to her my commitment to become a SAFE, GREEN, Church and Ministry and seek grant funding to completely mitigate every space as well as to continuously monitor environmental radiation and toxins and encourage my parishioners and community to do so also.  We want to be a GREEN RESOURCE CENTER for Washington, D.C. Thank you Dr. Alale and the MiChi Team for your excellence and dedication.  You may have saved my life."....  Apostle Shirley Holloway, Founder & CEO of House of Help | City of Hope.

Solid Rock Church Opens Doors to Serve the Needs of Ohioans for Health Screening, The MiChi Health EpiCenter and the Preimer Health Partners among the Invites.

"The line seemed endless as mothers, fathers and their children lined-up to be tested for eStatic Radiation Test." said Dr. Alale.  "With the Marathon Oil Corporation Posting WARNING SIGNS at the gas stations, parents have become particularly alarmed that their families may be suffer from radiation poisoning."...she continued.  Radiation posioning is preventable.  People can wear bio-shields and distant themselves from prolonged exposure to irradiating areas.  "People were so amazing at the eStatic and ELF TESTing technologies. They are still talking about the presentation that Dr. Alale and her Team made."  said the event coordinator, Ms. Jewell Stephens, RN.  Hundreds signed the Petition to support mitigation of everyhome in Ohio.   Pastors Lawrence and Darlene Bishop are the Senior Pastors at Solid Rock  Church.  The Church is a historical landmark on the I-75 Highway just north of Cincinnati where a giant statue of Jesus is erected to inspire people to prayer and worship.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Public Health, (NYC).

Reports that 95% of all cancers in America are related to the toxic environments and diet. The American Red Cross, in NY also reports that the average newborn in New York City is exposed to 287 industrial toxins in utero.The MiChi Health EpiCenter is a national leader in pushing mitigation of all homes, schools, and businesses in America to help stop the national epidemic of autism, cancers, heart, liver, lungs, neuropsycological, and neuromuscular diseases.  Please sign the National Petition 101 above.

Harvard University, School of Medicine, reports profound results with detoxing from environmental toxins with "sub-sensory" technologies.

The MiChi Health EpiCenter is emerging as a leader is "sub-sensory" technology applications and protocol development for clincial administration.


These 1  to 10 minute videos are powerful enough to help us all save the next generation.  Care to Share the information.  Thank you.  


JUST CLICK HERE TO WATCH or cut and paste clip .






Parents March in Australia to Protest High EMF LEVELS Causing Cancer. CLICK here to watch.


World Renown, Dr. George Carlo, PhD, JD, the Foremost Global Authority on Cell Phone Radiation Speaks Passionately. . .

I.  EMF Radiation and Injury to the Unborn Child.  Click to hear!

II. He Says No to Disney for Cell Phone Sales to Teens and Children.  Just Click!

III. His Commentary on California Law and Regulation Changes for Cell Phone Use at Work.  CLICK THIS!


London's Leading Cell Physiologist, Dr. Robert Young, Examines the Today Show Producers for EMF Radiation Poisoning.  Every computer user needs to SEE this. CLICK!

Curious about the your Microwave?  Get your answers ... CLICK here! 

Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs Growing on Your Cell Phone.  Some love the Radiation! Does Yours?  A must SEE.  CLICK!

Why do some Cell Phones Pop Popcorn and others don't?
he answer is in HOW much EMF radiation is in the phone.  Four (4) low irradiating phones below 0.5 mW/cm2 generally will not pop popcorn.   However, four (4) high irradiating phones, above 1.0 mW/cm2, have the potential to  pop popcorn.  So what are they doing to your brain?  Get your phone measured for EMF radiation today at MiChi!

WATCH this VIDEO and see it for yourself!  Cut and paste the link below in the address bar above to watch it.  This is amazing.






RADON radiation kills more people in the US than carbon monoxide.  The epidemic of RADON poisonings is so profound that the US Surgeon General declared the month of January as the National Radon Awareness month. The Office advises consumerst o test their homes, schools, daycares, etc. twice annually, mid-summer and mid-winter. Death from RADON gas is preventable.  Christopher Reeve's (Actor for Superman) wife allegedly died from this gas.  RADON is ionizing radiation gas which forms from decaying uranium, a nuclear material used in making atom bombs.  Post WWII tons of uranium was buried throughout states, like Ohio, according to the New York Times. (Ohio, A Mini-Hiroshima )  The photos below show current technologies for venting or mitigating the gas from the airspace as well as from the water in homes, schools, businesses, jails, prisons, churches, and public places.  Like the country of Switzerland, every home , school, etc in the United States, beginning with Illinois and Ohio, should be mitigated.  Some Air Mitigation systems can also help to vent  greenhouse gases, especially in airport communities, industrial chemicals, particular matter, ionizing radiation sources.  Additionally, the water should also be mitigated to remove radiation from it.

                              AIR  MITIGATION SYSTEM                                                               WATER MITIGATION SYSTEM


National Association of Conservative Districts

The Importance of Carbon Storage to the Atmosphere and the Soil

"The ever-increasing consumption of fossil fuel energy (coal, oil, gasoline) has produced far more carbon dioxide than is necessary to replenish the earth’s current carbon cycle. Through human activity since the advent of the Industrial Revolution, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have increased 31 percent as reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This large increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide and other potent greenhouse gases are central to the global climate change debate." | NACD.

Carbon Venting, Storage and Recycling poses a viable method of mitigation to reduce risks for greenhouse gass toxicity.  The Model below is propsed by NACD for immediate consideration for this environmental toxin, not only nationally, but globally.  For more information, CLICK HERE.


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