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The MiChi Health EpiCenter of MiChi University (MU) is a private non-profit corporation. MU offers services in health physics, research, education and wellness programs specific to environmental health management for government, private, and public enterprises as well as Houses of Worship.

The Healthy SMART Homes 2020 Project, of MU, is America’s first “Bio-Engineering” homecare model.  The program was developed to support The National Call to Action of the US Office of the Surgeon General | Department of Health and Human Services to “Promote Healthy Homes and Healthy People. "  It was the featured program of the 6th Annual Health Disparities Conference in NYC and was the featured program that was webinared to the Global Community.

The EpiCenter emerged out of the despairing cry of a mother’s hope for her son.  She moved her family from Washington, DC to Ohio, after her husband died, and unknowingly brought a home that was built on nuclear waste and full of radiation toxins. It made her son, Prince Kahlif, loose over 60% of his brain theta wave and altered his behavior so that he becam as a 7 yo who was stuck in manic aggression and rage.  He had to be hospitalized for almost a year.  She too suffered from chest pain, rapid heart rate, breast tumors, sleep apnea, insomnia, gastric reflux, lymph edema, and alterations of the alpha brain wave.  It was the compassion of a Russian Doctor that she met at a medical conference in Canada who was merciful to speak to her about being toxic with electromagnetic radiation and ask her …if she had ants… in her home?  She replied, “Yes, an ant infestation in fact!”  The doctor then offered to give her an evaluation for EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation poisoning. She accepted it.  The findings confirmed her observations of  Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale was indeed sick with EMF radiation poisoning.  The doctor then advised her to get an engineer to evaluate her home.  Those findings revealed that the home was full of converging letal environmental toxins.

The Greenspace Living Laboratory in Ohio (below.)  It was donated to the Academic Collegiant Collaborative of Central Ohio.

Formerly, the home of Dr. Alale.  It now serves as a training laboratory  for doctors, nurses, students in the medical profession and environmental engineers for learning venues on home adaptation and mitigation ( venting)  processes to prevent radiation and toxicity poisoning. The late Dana Reeve, wife of famed actor Christopher Reeves died from alleged RADON ( ionized radiation poisoning).  This was preventable.  A simple RADON home testing kit could have saved her life.   Ohio is plagued wih an epidemic of children and adults who suffer from cancer and autism from the converging of environmental toxins such as greenhouse gas, industrial acids, particular matter, RADON, & non-ionizing radiation from masts  powerlines and cell phone  towers.  Ohio has one of the highest expenditures for healthcare in the naton which tops 70 billion per year for the populus according to State Representative Mike Skindell.  The photos below  show a meter readings of the high EMF radiation in this home that almost killed the Zione Alale family.

                                                   PHOTO  A   -  OFF                                       PHOTO   B  -  ON

PHOTO A has  a  high reading of EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation of 1332 Hz or GSU (Grahram Stetzer Units).  Levels over 50 GSU are unsafe.  Optimal levels are below 25 GSU because the brain's normal rhythms oscillate between 1 - 25 Hz.  Above 25 Hz, can cause non-fatal eletrocution and brain alterations, heart, lung, austism, liver, and kidney disorders. The Alpha Filter is turn OFF in this photo.   PHOTO  B  the Alpha filter is turned on.  The EMF radiation level is drastcally reduced to 23 GSU or 23 Hz.  Only  two Alpha filter are needed to lower EMF radiation in a 5,000 sq ft home. Radioactive chemical in the ground potenitate the EMF radiation levels in the house.  It is alleged, in the New York Times, that POST WWII nuclear waste of radioactive chemicals and uranium (which becomes RADON RADIATION GAS when  it decays) was buried all over Ohio ( GOOGLE : Ohio Mini Hiroshima in the New York Times to read the article).  The EPA Maps the grounds of this home as being highly irradiating with radio active materials.  This home was also toxic with RADON.  A "FIVE POINT" mitigation experiment is now underway for adaptation of this home, including air and water.




Without funding, Dr. Alale, a Nurse Scientist (for 30 years), studied environmental toxins and became a Board Certified Health Physicist.  She began The MiChi Health EpiCenter of MU and recruited a team of dedicated medical professionals, engineers, and paraprofessionals volunteers (many disabled) who also suffered greatly from environment toxins and radiation to begin research, product evaluations, and training curriculums to enhance the skills of healthcare practitioners in screening for EMF radiation poisoning. Together, they now span the global community and have over 130 years of combined education and clinical experiences in bio medical-engineering, health physics, allopathic and naturopathic care.  They also share a passion to collaborate with other agencies and businesses to develop care regimens for early screening and precise care delivery systems that can impact public health education, reduce environmental poisons, prevent disease and preserve the sanctity of a healthy toxin FREE life. Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, now a Diplomate of Health Physics, measures and analysis, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, greenhouse gas, particular matter, and industrial chemicals and their impact on cell function and health.

At a luncheon with Vice President Dick Cheney, on Capitol Hill, she shared her horrific encounter with death from environmental toxins and quest to save her families and the families of America. Her concerns were shared with other legislators to help her position the EpiCenter to support HOUSE BILL 159 in the Ohio Legislation for Universal Healthcare for the residents to respond to the masses who are allegedly suffering from EMF radiation poisoning and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. USA TODAY has named all Ohio schools in the "TOXIC AIR IN AMERICA'S SCHOOLS REPORT." "Every school, home, prison, and office in Ohio needs to be mitigated from both industrial chemicals toxins and radiation.  Children are suffering from emotional, lymphatic, neuromuscular, and psychological disorders here, in Ohio, like nothing that I have ever seen in my 30 plus years of nursing in 4 countries and 21 cities across America."...said, Dr. Alale.

U.S. Presidents and World Kings have honored Dr. Alale. They are  respectively. . .

The Reagan Administration

President Ronald Reagan appointed Dr. Alale twice, as a young community advocate, to the White House National Philantropy Committee in 1987 and 1988. He awarded her also as an "Outstanding American Philantropist" in 1986 for her labors of love for America's youth along with Mr. Eugene Lang of NYC and others.  Mrs. Nancy Reagan invited her dance company, the National Youth Host Ensemble, to perform for her national and international guests and children of the White House Easter Monday activities which was filmed by  CNN and Illustar Productions.

The Bush (Sr) Administration

Dr. Alale served as Executive Director of the National "Say Thanks America" Campaign a national educational program to support  the Bicentennial Celebrations of the U.S. Constitution for seven years in support of the Reagan and Bush (Sr) Administrations.  She  authored the  "Give a Capitol Salute of Thanks" Curriculum for the program which engaged 4,000 teachers and almost 20,000 students across America.  Business woman, Cathy Hughs, the owner of RADIO ONE, was astound with the program and invited Dr. Alale on her radio show which broadcasted from WOL RADIO. The response, from the listeners, was so overwhelming that she encouraged Dr. Alale to take the program to RADIO and she  did.  For the last three years, "Give a Capitol Salute of Thanks" was heard by millions on RADIO WYCB, also owned by Ms. Hughs. The program received 19 national endorsements including, NEA, AFT, The Council of the Great City Schools, NFL Players Association, The Movie Picture Association of America, AFL-CIO, The D.C. Public Schools, the Prince George's County (MD), Fairfax County  (VA) Public Schools and more. Senator Edward Kennedy, too, was so intrigued, that he contacted Yale University to advocate for support of the Curriculum for research in the Bush Child Development Center. Dr. Alale became the understudy of world renown, Dr. Edmund Gordon, the visionary for the National Head Start Program. Atty.Charles Olgetree, President Obama's Harvard Law Professor's, Washington, D.C. Law firm sponsored the Campaign and Ms. Antionette (Tony) Ford, the Director of the U.S. AID Office, Chaired the Campaign Committee.

The Clinton Administration

President and Mrs. Bill Clinton honored Dr. Alale by convening the adoption of her son, Prince Kahlil, in the East Oval Office of the White House.  Dr. Alale had battled for 8 years to keep two brothers together  She adopted both of them. He also invited her and both her son to the White House again for the Easter Monday activities. "Having the compassion of the first family to do this for me, indeed, is one of the most humbling experiences of my life."  she said.

The Bush (Jr) Administration

Dr. Alale served as Senior Advisory to Janice Patterson, President Bush's Appointee to the Federal Advisory Committee for Juvenile Justice.  She assisted her in developing  protocols for  Law Enforcement Intake Services for Youth with ADD / ADHD disorders. The Wall Street Journal named her as one of  2008 Recipient of the Congressional Order of Merit Award and she received an appointment as a Presidential Commissioner to the House of Representatives | NRCC for her outstanding services to the Bush Administration for public education and screening  to enhance environmental  medicine & health.    

The Obama Administration

On the eve on President Obama's candidacy for the Presidency of the United States,  members of the Obama Administration visited Dr. Alale's "Green Space Living Laboratory" in Ohio.   They were stuned at the intensity of her work and the masses injuries that she and her family had sustained from exposure to radiation.  They saw the technologies installed to make the house safe.  They saw the high levels of radiation when they were unplugged.  They met her son, who was injured, Prince Kahlif,  and his fiance, Janeille. They directed her to contact state Legislators and to pen the Ohio Petition to get tax credits for mitigation costs of homes and business in Ohio.  Dr. Alale now directs the efforts of the MiChi Health Center to support the Obama Administration's EPA C.A.R.E. initative to lower air and radiation toxins in dwelling places and Jared's Laws in schools. The President then invited her to participate in a Town Meeting “on-line” by voicing a question to him.  She was allowed 30 seconds so she asked him about his support of HOUSE BILL 159 to prevent the masses in Ohio from being poisoned as referenced in the New York Times article naming "Ohio, as a Mini-Hiroshima."

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dr. Alale was selected from among thousands of Nurses  in the Elite Global Medical Community to Consult for the  King. . .

She served as one of the Lead Nursing Consultants for the Opening of the Prestigious King Fahad Hospital | Medical City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  "Serving the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, will forever be one of the most wonderful and memorable experience of my life.  The King's staff treated me like an Ambassador."   she stated. For her dedication and proficiency, as a Nurse Consulting on the Opening Team of King Fahad Hospital of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the Royal Family and the Royal National Guard and the appointment of the Private Nurse of the King’s daughter’s handmaiden, she received a Letter of Commendation for Excellence in Service. King Abdul Aziz Fahad  and the King Fahad Hospital | Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia are pictured below.

Sigma Theta Tau, National Nursing Honor Society, Gamma Beta Chapter, named Dr. Alale among the "100 Most Extraordinary Nurses in America" in 2000.  She also served as a member of the Nursing Faculty at Howard University College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health (Washington, DC).  In her position, she coordinated the RN to BSN Nursing Program as well as the academic clinical and research collaborative between Howard University and the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

Dr. Alale  is a member of the Phi Delta Kappa Honor Society (Columbia University – NYC ) and is celebrated as a Visionary for World Health by her colleagues of the Women’s Fellowship Program at the John D. Rockefeller International House (NYC) in collaboration with the United Nations.


Fasinated by the Grace of God in Dr  Alale's life, Pat Roberson commissioned a "Documentary" to be filmed about her life in 1988 when she was a young advocate on Capitol Hill.  The Documentary will soon be released again and perhaps updated as God has done so many wonderful things through the heart, mercy, compassion, and ingenuity of, a Women of God named____Dr. Princess Rhoda Zione Alale___, an Ijoian Princess and the wife of the late Prince Charles Robinson Alale of Warri, (Agbere) Nigerian West Africa and the mother of two sons, Prince Kahlif and Prince Kahlil and one granddaughter, Princess Kaleyah Amori.  Prince Charles and Princess Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale pictured below.

She is the daughter of the late Forest E. and Garnette M. Wilson of Wilmington, OH., and , the great, great, great Grand Daughter of the famed, slave abolitionist, John Rankin of Ripley, OH, for whom the FREEDOM CENTER in Ohio, funded in part, by Oprah Winfrey, was built to document his role in the Underground Railroad.  John Rankin  and the Freedom Center are pictured below.






   Presidential Commissioner
Dr. Rhoda Zione Alale, PhD, DHP, RN